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Show us a photo of your mutt or other creatures..

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^ what a cutie :-*

Adorable Mouser! Enjoy.... :Thmbsup:

Sadly, my kitty passed away today. It's only just now hitting me.
--- End quote ---

So sorry Edvard...... :(

Latest from Isabella - coat growing nicely!

Thanks for the condolences, everyone.  I'm doing OK and moving on to giving our dog the same long life of love and savory treats.
Everyone, meet Brandi the WonderLab:

Show us a photo of your mutt or other creatures..

Mouser: Wow!  New kitty!  That's always exciting.  I've always had cats in my life, this is the first time I'll probably be without one for a while, but I'm OK with that.  However, new kitties==fun.  Every. dang. time.  ;D

Clevercat: Oooh, your Isabella looks quite the precious one.  I was never partial to the exotic types, but my wife had a chocolate persian when we were dating that broke me of that. :P


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