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[xchat] znc support


I was wondering if it's possible to add decryption support for ZNC's buffer module, which saves conversations from channels, even if you're offline. When you come pack offline, ZNC plays the captured text in the channel windows in the following format:

--- ---<***> Buffer Playback...
<nick> [timestamp] +OK crypted message
<***> Playback Complete.
I was sondering, if it's possible to enhance mircryption to decrypted also this buffered messages.

interesting idea.. let's see if we can't wake up hadez the xchat-mircryption guy and get him to consider this.

hmm, first idea: could be hacked into the code.
second idea: it would be more of a dirty hack ;-)

i'll put in on my list of features and fixes and get back to you once i have the time to work on it.

Hi guys.  I'm one of the ZNC devs.  I used the pre-existing test/test account on these forums due to laziness.

The workaround to your issue would be to use these config options...

   AppendTimestamp = true
   PrependTimestamp = false

This way the timestamp will go after the +OK message and mircryption can do the right thing.

Another thing I should mention is that the *crypt module was written to be compatible with mircryption's CBC mode and thus can be used on a trusted or local shell to provide client independent encryption.

Also, we have a pretty active support channel at #znc on efnet if you have any questions.

cool  :up:


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