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WMP & lots of tiny .wav files

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I'm guessing you are hitting 'open' or 'play' when presented with the file window in Firefox. When you hit open or play instead of download or save, it will still download the file, but to the temporary directory or the cache directory, which is a temp directory.

To check this, right click the download, in the download history box that pops up, and click 'open containing folder' to see where these files are being played from.

After opening the temp folder you can delete the file, or it will eventually clear itself as there is a limit to how much is stored in the cache and will automatically remove the older files as it gets full.

If you clear the cache, as in this screenshot in FF options-Advanced-Network. See if 'open containing folder is grayed out in the download history box, or try to open that file. It should not be able to open it, if it's not there. Although the history is still stored until the download history is cleared.

- no, the problem is the site, frenchassistent. Their loudspeaker icons will open a new tab/window, to play the file, or, if you don't have the proper plug-in, upload the audio file, for you to download. I tried it, and I don't like it; one really has to hit the back button far too often!

But you will have to be a registered member  before you can test this further.

hm, that's not good....

i can't test it either

what would happen if you turned off tabs completely?
might be worth seeing what it does

and those plugins are needed anyway...eventually for things on the net
If those that Curt pointed out don't help,
get VLC and check Mozilla plugin when installing.

- no, the problem is the site, frenchassistent.
-Curt (July 09, 2009, 03:41 PM)
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Thanks Curt, for verifying this for me.  :)  I'm going elsewhere to learn French.
The link you posted earlier for the discounted software looked interesting and I'm wondering if you've used it before?
Hmmm...time for a language software topic (if one does not already exist)!

Actually, I did it on purpose. They gave me a choice to install Quicktime without iTunes.
I don't avoid mp3s because I don't listen to music, I avoid them because it looks so complicated. So, I'll play around with it....
-SKesselman (July 09, 2009, 10:45 AM)
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well, before you invest money on music from iTunes, I would definitely read up about it's pros & cons
and good luck  :)  - I mean with the whole music thing, not just itunes!
I have some music on computer now (after having avoided the whole mp3 thing till just this year)
-tomos (July 09, 2009, 01:53 PM)
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Wow, I thought I was the only one (especially on this forum) who's been avoiding the music thing!!
 :)   I'm not alone!  :)
And yes, I will look for a chart with all (or most) of these types of media players and their pros and cons.
Thanks, tomos!


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