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DONE: Automatic Copy when highlighted

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thanks personally from the guy who asked for this!! You've got a lot of other interesting little progs.

Keep up the good work and all the best!


 :) Thank you, thank you. I just found I've forgot to credit you on the 1 hour software page! Sorry about that! I'll correct it as soon as ftp works again.


I've been using CAPshift this week, and that's been a boon. AutoHotkey is a great tool, but it takes a creative scripting master like Skrommel to show people how useful it can be to make your own workday more efficient.


DragKing presents a small problem, at least for me.

Whenever I need to paste, I usually double click the word I need to replace, but on double click I highlight and so I lose the original clip.

So I decided to use ClipStep with DragKing. Problem here is that ClipStep only works with CTRL+key.

My request would be a mixture of both...

With the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader, on dragging/highlighting, after a couple milliseconds, a small icon appears where you can click if you want to copy. This is interesting because obviously you don't want to save everything you highlight (and in my case, where I highlight a word or a phrase because I want to substitute it with the text in the clipboard, it becomes impossible). To be sure, maybe the highlighted text could "flash" once to confirm the copy.

This would mean to change ClipStep to allow these types of snippets, and not only CTRL+C.

I'd enjoy discussing these possibilities further, if you think they are useful!


Would it be possible to have a similar program that does the following.

When the program is active, it will monitor the keyboard focus.  When there is a telephone number in the control that has focus it will copy the phone number to the clipboard or to another app.  If there is more than one phone number, it will copy the one that is closest to the cursor.  It would be nice if this would also work for cells in excel, word documents, webpages.

Then, when we have the number, it checks to see if the number is in a list.



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