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DONE: Automatic Copy when highlighted

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Click Cutter:
Automatically copy highlighted text is not a good option because highlighting can be used when dragging text, pasting text, deleting text, priniting text, highlighting files or folders, messages in your e-mail program, etc. unless you want this automatic copy work only in certain situations and with specific programs only.

I just created a program which does automatic copy of highlighted text but it does not copy everything which is highlighted but insted it copies only when a user gives OK to do that and works system wide and it's fully customizable. The same way it can do paste or Cut and Undo if you will.

I'm not sure if it's considered a self promotion on this forum but the program is doing exactly what this thread is about.

called Click Cutter ( )

wow thanks I ve been waiting so long for a tool like this
I will test it asap

Click Cutter:
Hey kalos,

Did you test click cutter yet?

How did you like it?

I have tested it, it is very nice!

I enjoy very much the 'search' and 'go to url' features
I like that it works with almost all text selection methods

however waiting a second to trigger the copying of the highlighted text, while ofcourse it's faster than any other copy method, it is still not instant and it requires time

ofcourse, we need somehow to make it clear that we need to copy the highlighted text and not just highlight it, and while 'waiting' is indeed a way, it may be a better way to distinguish when we need the highlighted text to be copied

I have posted here some other ideas too:

Click Cutter:
Hey kalos,

I'm very glad you like it   :Thmbsup:.

You do not have to wait a second (0.8 sec by default). if you want to do 'instant" copy just set Auto-Copy to 0.1 sec. in More options tab and it will be "instant".

I make a program totally flexible so user can change almost any value, turn on/off any feature.

You can read Help file for more details on how the features work.


You realize that now if you want to do a search for any keyword you do not have to open a browser at all. Just type your keyword phrase anywhere and just highlight it. You know what happens after   :harhar:

thanks for the comments. Appreciate it very much.


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