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DONE: Automatic Copy when highlighted

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(I don't remember in which program I saw this function, but I think it might be useful universally.)

Automatically copy whatever text is highlighted. So instead of highlighting, CTRL+C (or left clicking > copy) it's already in the clipboard ready for pasting if you want it.

Some extra functions:
- able/disable from tray icon;
- automatic paste in specified document;
- automatic load on start-up;
- optional configuration: copy windows title (of snippet origin)/URL/date/time;
- optional (inobtrusive) beep or sound on copy.

What do you think?


there are some really nice clipboard tools, i wonder if any of them have an auto-copy on highlight...
they can make little beeps and save history of copying, and can be reallly useful.
there are some free and commercial ones.

it's an interesteing request.. though it might be hard to get it to really work right without it going crazy copying things all the time.  from my experience, intercepting clipboard chain is not too difficult but can be hard to get working reliably, so this is probably not a "snack" although it might be possible to find an opensource clipboard util and try to add a function that does auto-copying.

This would be very useful... I can't code it, but I'll definitely download it

it's not really what you are after but 'damn nfo viewer' does auto copy on selection - doesn't allow any editing though.

well it would be trivial to make an editor that does copy on select.
the request here i think was to enable this feature in ALL apps, yes?


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