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Web Log Filter - discard and replace


Hello All,

I am new newbie.  I am testing Web Log Filter but I have not successfully create a filter.  I want to remove all image references by using NoImages.txt rules but the lines containing the images (.jpg) still remain even though @Action: discard/replace.  How do you remove all image references and keep only the things you want?

Thank you in advance,

i seem to be the only person on the planet who ever used Web Log Filter that it gave me a real fright to see a question about it.. definitely not one of my more popular tools.

i actually recently used Web Log Filter for the first time in a while and it took me a few tries to remember how to use it.. it's not the most obvious thing.  but it does work and serve a useful purpose.

one thing that tripped me up was remembering that it doesn't want to modify the original file, but create a new output file.

can you first make sure you can figure out how to get it to process your file and create a new output file, and then experiment a bit with getting it to reject lines.. once you get that working, let me know again if you still have trouble blocking images.

And definitely take a look at the included NoImages rule carefully -- it's just a sample and it may not cover all cases, etc.


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