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Marky's Virtual Keyboard Tool


Posting this because Marky hasn't posted it yet.

Virtual Keyboard Tool let's you type into programs using only the mouse:

Download available soon.

Looks like a good add-on for security programs, too -- like when you have to type a password into a firewall or something. It'd foil keyloggers and even snooper programs that only take occasional snapshots of the screen. This would work best if the keyboard can be called up with a hotkey or something but stay dormant otherwise.

looking forward to this tool

Uncle John:
I'm interested too.

Of course there's the "Microsoft On-Screen Keyboard" but I'd be interested see if Marky's code could be adapted to look something like Dialkeys (

Will be interesting to see which is available for download first, "Marky's Virtual Keyboard Tool" or "Dialkeys"?

More than THREE YEARS later.  Have the contributors on this thread died?

Meantime I google, looking for other alternatives:

I'm so upset with XP - VISTA versions:  no clor, no sound, poor clarity for the sight-impaired, un-configurable.  Typical Microsoft ultra-high standards !! ??  !@#$!!^&!!


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