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Bug in launching 64-bit software.

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Now i wait for the reports of the things i broke in the process of fixing this :)

btw the problem seemed to be that there is a flaw in the shortcut resolution in windows 7 (and other x64 OS flavors)..

it seems to return "Program Files (x86)" in the paths of .lnk files when resolved by a win32 app, regardless of the true application directory of the program.. bad show.

so basically farr now checks to see which of the program files directories the file *really* resides in and doesn't trust the .lnk file.

this is relatively straightforward except that it required some changes in the icon display (since previously farr just asked the OS for the icon index of the .lnk file), and more importantly required me to overide the launch options on the General tab and force FARR to not try to launch (.lnk) shortcuts if they are of this type, and instead resolve the shortcut and launch the exe directly in such cases.  pain.


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