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Bug in launching 64-bit software.

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Hi, I encountered a bug while using FARR on a 64bit Windows 7 PC.

It seems that whenever I try to launch a 64bit application (e.g. Zune, Photoshop, VirtualBox), the launching fails. Also the program icon also doesn't show up.

If I right click on the item and select "Copy Target Path (Ctrl+C)", and paste it somewhere, the path is incorrect; it leads to C:\Program Files (x86)\, when it really should be C:\Program Files.

See screenshots, in case I'm not being clear.

Thanks Kli,

it seems you've confirmed (and explained clearly) the problem that also seems to be at the root of this thread:

I'll see if it can't get it fixed this weekend.

If you (or anyone) could find a *small* x64 application that causes this behavior, it would really help testing.

Off the top of the head, I can think of paint.NET, and locate32 64bit with the installer version. Locate32 is smaller of the two.

Can you try this version and see if it solves the problem:


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