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IDEA - User timer and lock out


Hi, this may be available but I could find it.  Forgive me Im a novice. 

I have a couple of teenage kids and I have given them a PC each and they login to their own User Accounts.  One is on Win XP the other Vista.  I have the admin account on both. 

They would spend 24 hrs a day on them if they could.  I'm sick of manually monitoring them.

I need a simple program that restricts how much time their account can be open in a day.  It would need to run hidden in the background and record a users time in every 24hr period regardless of turning on and off etc, and if that time exceeds a preset amount (adjustable depending on the day) the program locks out their account or stops any programs from running until the clock goes into a new day or they enter a password to reset the timer.

Is it possible?


Stoic Joker:
Most of what you are looking for is built into Windows. If you do a Google search on Windows Parental Controls there are a ton of tutorials available on setting time and content limits for the kids accounts.

Sorry I can't be more specific but I'm shot on time & don't have kids at home anymore.

Hi, you could try checking out what used to be called MySimpleDesktop and has now become Deskman - it's no longer free !!!

Thanks for your input.  I've been all over Windows and the net trying to find something that suits me but there isnt anything.  There is something called Watchdog but its far too intricate and a little faulty.

I'd pay for this to be done to my specs. 

I just need something very small / light that can can monitor and restrict the amount of time a user can use their account.

This is a costly solution and requires a lot of hardware...but it is a sure thing!!!

If you cannot do it through software...let's look at the hardware options then.
The best thing that requires no (or hardly any) supervision from you is to cut and enable the power to the PC's from your kids between certain hours. Works like a charm and there is nothing they can do to a lack of power...especially when the timer is securely locked away. Each PC should have a small UPS, so they have some time to save their homework though.

Such a timer looks quite costly to me and I assume the electrical system requires some (heavy) altering...but hey, it's your piece of mind after all.  ;)


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