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IDEA : boot log

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After the usual : (this has maybe been requested before but I can't find it), I'd really like a simple boot log that would appear in a window on-screen once everything is loaded and that shows the order and time of loading of services and applications etc during boot up and on until the system is up and running as usual.
I know there are applications for this but they seem too complicated (for me anyway).

Thanks !

TinyWatcher is the name of a tool that checks your boot everytime and reports any difference in what it found. That sounds to me more practical than having everytime a potentially huge list visible during boot.

i agree, imho TinyWatcher is quite an useful tool. just adding the link. :up:


LoadOrder - shows a list of drivers and services loading order.

Boot Log XP (Not free)

Thanks all,
I have Tinywatcher but that's not what I meant - however LoadOrder is just the thing though I wanted also to know the TIME each service etc took to load...


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