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Firefox --3.5-- Extensions: Your favorite or most useful

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The other "Firefox extensions topic" is long and quite old so I figured a new one is in order. But, if the powers that be decide to delete this thread that's no big deal.

Now that I'm back to using Firefox I've realized how much I enjoy tweaking my browser. Here's my list so far...
[*]Flashblock - I'm sure most of you know about this already, but for those who don't: it blocks flash objects and replaces them with empty boxes with a Play button. Click the Play button to display the flash object. Useful because flash stuff on webpages is often annoying. It also comes with a button that can be added to the toolbar that enables and disables the extension.
Firefox --3.5-- Extensions: Your favorite or most useful

[*]Download Statusbar - Adds a small... uh... status bar to the bottom of firefox for each download. (Similar to what Chrome does, but this was released long before.)
Firefox --3.5-- Extensions: Your favorite or most useful

[*]Findbar Basics - I got this because it makes "Ctrl + F" both open AND close the find bar, it has a couple other features too. - Thanks for the tip Innuendo!

[*]Nuke Anything Enhanced (Aardvark looks better, see posts below) - This is mostly for printing, select stuff and "nuke" it, which removes it from the web page. Now when you print you aren't wasting ink on a bunch of ads and junk.
Before and After...
Firefox --3.5-- Extensions: Your favorite or most useful Firefox --3.5-- Extensions: Your favorite or most useful

[*]Close Tab By Double Click - You can normally middle-click to close tabs in Firefox, this lets you close tabs by double clicking, just like in Directory Opus.

I hate to say it, but i really wish we could vote for questions/answers like StackOverflow/ServerFault on threads like these.

1 point for suggesting Nuke Anything Enhanced. Thanks :)


I prefer Aardvark, (kudos to Mark0), rather than Nuke Anything Enhanced - saves a lot of right-click menu work which I find always annoying.

And rather than Findbar Basics, I just remove the find qualifier, (usually '/'), so that when I start typing, (outside a text box), it starts searching, then F3 to repeat as necessary - the Find bar disappears after a few seconds of no entry or just hit Escape.

The add-ons that I have normally installed:
Aardvark - Override compatibility and it still works.  Let's you remove whatever you don't want on the page temporarily before printing/saving.
Adblock Plus - Gets rid of ads.
Advanced Dork - Highlight a word and search using Google's advanced operators, eg. intitle, link, movie, etc, etc
BugMeNot - Let's you try and access a site using registration someone else has provided.
CustomizeGoogle - Let's me disappear Google ads except when I don't want to as well as a bit of obfuscation.
Download Statusbar - As per Hirudin's post above.
ErrorZilla Mod - Gives a few more options to a failed page load, (I'll probably replace it with ErrorZilla Plus).
FireFTP - A really excellent FTP client, saves me opening a DOpus lister :)
Forecastfox - Saves me from opening the blinds to see if it's raining.
Greasemonkey - Can make websites so much more than what they are.  Coupled with Greasefire to make finding scripts easier.
Linkification - Converts text links into clickable links.
Nightly Tester Tools
NoScript - Stop unwanted script/Flash from executing.
Speed Dial - Quick access to your most visited sites.
Tab Mix Plus - Make Tabs work the way you want.  You need to get the latest build from the forum. - Create disposable email addresses for websites.

Wow, Aardvark is very, very cool, thanks for suggesting it! I didn't know Nuke Anything had competition. I'll keep both installed, but I have a feeling Aardvark will be the only one I install in the future. The "Kill"/"RIP" feature sounds awesome, have you used it 4wd?

The "Kill"/"RIP" feature sounds awesome, have you used it 4wd?-Hirudin (July 01, 2009, 02:52 AM)
--- End quote ---

No, I only use Aardvark when I want to print/save specific info from a page otherwise I prefer to see it complete, sans ads of course.


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