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Torrent Giant, The Pirate Bay sold, will go legal

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Carol Haynes:
I can't see the total disappearance of hard media happening any time soon - people like Sony have too much money invested in flogging off boxes in the form of BluRay players, PlayStations etc. to want to kill off that market.

As for stopping the copying of hard media Sony et. all actually provide the hardware to make copying child's play - and they are happy to get the revenue from that stream too.

Currently they are winning with BluRay because bandwidth restrictions mean sharing of full size BluRay discs is not possible for most people, they fill up hard disk space too quickly to be practical and blank BluRAy discs cost more than buying the film - I'm sure that's how ony would like it to remain and is probably one of the prime motivators from the move from DVD to BR. Doubtless when hard discs of 100Tb or more start appearing with bandwidths of 50-60Mb as the norm and blank BR disks cost a few cents Sony and Co. will move onto the next superdupa format which will hold 5Tb per disc .... and so the war will continue.


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