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Compatibility issue between DesktopCoral and live video feed?


In our office we have a camera feed which we open up in a regular web browser so that we can see when someone comes in the front door.  In this case I am viewing the feed with Firefox and I believe the feed is generated with Java (at least, "Java" sounds familiar).  I just downloaded DesktopCoral today but I've noticed that when I have DC and the live feed open at the same time, the computer (or perhaps video card?) starts to lag (the mouse doesn't glide smoothly on the screen but rather skips a many pixels at a time and typing is very slow).  When I close one or the other program the problem immediately stops - the mouse moves smoothly again.  To put it another way, I can run each program/window separately without any apparent effects, but when both are open at the same time the system seems to slow down.  Is there a compatibility issue with Java?

I can perhaps find out more information about how our live feed is generated, if that would help.

This is one of the reasons I downloaded DC.  I wanted a way to prevent windows from overlapping the camera feed.




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