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Is There Anyway????

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Moranacus, I don't want to urge you to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.  All I can say is that the site only leaves one cookie (which I remove when I leave).  It does try to load three pop-ups, but Firefox blocks them, and I have no idea what they are.  Since they're blocked, I'm not all that concerned.  But, like you, I tend usually to err on the side of caution (though perhaps not quite so much caution as WOT.  :) ).  I suspect that the info the site provides is available elsewhere.

Well, I checked out that website and they only thing it mentions regarding ITUNES videos is using
TuneBite. I already tried that, and like I said I'm waiting to hear back as to why I'm having problems converting videos.
Thanks again for the link!!!!
I seem to get better help here then I do at the CNET website!!!!

Sometimes those apps such as WOT get a little overzealous with their warnings & issue warnings based on moral reasons ( keep the user away from anything that might be used illegally like anti-DRM software) rather than actual security reaosons (there being drive-by trojans on the site).

Due to the way TunBite works make sure you are running it on the PC where the videos work and not on the PC where the videos do not work.

And thank the MPAA for the lack of places where you can buy DRM-free videos.

I called Apple support and the only way I can get my laptop to play ITUNES videos
is to hook my laptop to the internet so that it can be authorized to play these videos.
I don't use the laptop at all for the internet and don't have any sort of protection so
that I can be safe if I did do that.

Sorry, but like all the other programs I tried it doesn't work!!!!
I have the video that I purchased from ITUNES in a VIDEO TEST folder
but when I go to convert it brings up ITUNES and makes me login.
After I log in ITUNES it says it can't access this file and I get an ITUNES
program error.
I don't know how you get these videos to convert but can you give me more info????


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