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Is There Anyway????

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You are finding out why it's bad for the consumer to buy digital content with DRM built in.

Sorry. :(

I got an email from ITUNES Support and they said that I should be able to play those videos. They also said that there is a remote device that will let you play the videos on a wide screen tv.
They wanted to know the error message I was getting when I tried to play the videos.
It says: ERROR 23132.

Knowledge Base Article on ERROR 23132 =

Thanks for the link!
It's really not going to help me to install Itunes on my laptop because it doesn't have
internet access. Hopefully someone at Itunes might be able to help but I doubt it.

I don't know why Itunes support said those videos should play. I mean, technically it's true they should...AFTER they have been authorized over the internet.


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