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Is There Anyway????

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I will let you know what they said when they get back to me.

Bottom line: You bought it, they still own it! IMHO DRM has nothing whatsoever to do with logic. If you've decided to go the iTunes route, just take the time to learn their rules, and then play their game.

If it were me I'd search the internet for a program that strips DRM from videos and music & 'free' your files from Apple's tyranny. Then you'd be free to watch your purchased videos anywhere you wished...just don't go distributing them to all your friends, though. :)

I know nothing about this site except that it seems to offer information about how to get rid of DRM on different sorts of media, including stuff from iTunes:

Thanks for the replies!!!!
Cyberdiva, I'm not going to go to the link you provided because my WOT program says its not safe.
I got 2 more emails from ITUNES and they still can't tell me why I can't view those videos!!!!
I searched and tried every program I could find and nothing works.
Tunebite got back to me regarding the problem I had  with there program but they wanted
more info so I have to wait to see what they could tell me.
How come ITUNES is the only place to buy videos????
There has to be others but I'm never found them!!!!
It's strange that Microsoft has no site like this!!!!


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