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Is There Anyway????

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Is there anyway that you can play the ITUNES videos on a computer that has no internet access????
I bought some videos at ITUNES and have no problem playing them on my desktop computer but I can't play them on my laptop.
I have Quicktime Player installed but there I get an error when I try
to play a video.
I'm using WINDOWS XP with Service Pack 2.

You are running into the digital rights management again. The videos have to be authorized to play on the laptop which requires an internet connection.

You'd have to strip the DRM from the files.

Thanks for the info!!!!
That still makes no sense to me.
I'm not trying to strip the DRM protection.
I just want to play the videos!!!!

That still makes no sense to me.
-moranacus (June 29, 2009, 10:24 PM)
--- End quote ---
No, DRM doesn't really make much sense, considering it only hurts the legitimate users (you) but doesn't stop the pirates for long :)

Thanks for your reply!!!!


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