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Option to start Find And Run Robot after installation

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Jesper Hertel:
Each time I install an update to FARR (which is quite often these days due to a lot of updates :)), I have to manually start FARR again from the Start menu.

Could it be possible to add a "Start Find And Run Robot when I press Finish" option, checked by default, to the last page of the installer?

I mean, anyway, nobody would ever want to use a computer without FARR running on it, right? ;)

I have that too, but only on my Vista Home machine. On Windows XP it starts automatically after each update. Don't know if the OS is what really makes the difference though.

Jesper Hertel:
Ah, actually I am also using Vista (Home Premium)... So maybe it is simply a bug that FARR doesn't start again after the update?

The reason it doesn't offer to start the program after installation/update on Vista/Win7 (it does on others) is that it would end up running the program under the elevated administrator account that all installers run as, which could cause problems if you normally run as a different user.

What i need to do to fix this is to figure out if there is a function in Inno Setup installer that lets me tell it specifically not to do this, or if i can put something in the program manifest to have it revert back to normal user when launching.

Jesper Hertel:
Ah, that makes sense - I understand the problem and see the challenge...


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