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STEAM... Can Someone in N. America Give me a "Gift" please?

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Ohhhhh !!! Armed Assault II. You will love that game. We were playing the demo yesterday at work. Yes, I said at work. No we weren't hiding in our offices with our door closed. No, our bosses didn't tell use we could take a break and have some fun. I'm sorry to tell you that I was getting to paid play it. Yep! Sorry, because now you are jealous. I get paid to play video games.  :Thmbsup:

Actually, I have been playing Armed Assault II for months... well, kind of, as I have been playing (excuse me, "operating") VBS2 at work. I work for the US Army and they use VBS2 as a game-based training simulation.

At several locations, there are a few of my friends whose only job is to train soldiers on how to train using VBS2. This includes building scenarios and operating OPFOR.

Don't be too surprised if you see Tinjaw on a game server doing "work hours". I might be playing because I "have to" do my job.  ;)

Is there any sound logical reason why this game was classified to be North America only?

Is there any sound logical reason why this game was classified to be North America only?
-Innuendo (June 27, 2009, 09:50 AM)
--- End quote ---

The usual regional restrictions due to different publishers. The game will be available in less than three days according to Steam.

Also, with the "parity" between the dollar and the euro, it's cheaper to buy the game in the American store ;)

Hi. I'm from germany and here we have the same problems with the steamstore. We don't get games which are uncensored and some publishers don't even publish their games in europe. So is there anybody who can gift me some games from the american store? That would be great  :D
PS: I have paypal.

You got burned by the Brothers in Arms restrictions, huh? :)


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