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STEAM... Can Someone in N. America Give me a "Gift" please?

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Hi all.

Is there anyone here from North America who would kindly gift me the game on STEAM if I obviously send them the money via paypal first for the full amount.

I noticed this thread:

So thought you guys maybe able to help me too :)

I am looking for the following game:

Currently, is only available in North America.

I would be highly gratefull to anyone who can help.

Many Thanks.

I'd be happy to.

I will PM you the paypal details.

Hello there.

Many thanks for offering to help.

Payment sent.

The transaction is completed. :)

For future reference, I'd be happy to assist anybody else with Steam purchases.

Many Thanks Deozaan.

Game received.

I may call upon your services again in the future if you dont mind ;)

If I can return the favour at any time, please dont hesitate to ask :)


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