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How do you set Auto Print options?

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I tried setting the margins in the ini file, but autoprint does not appear to pay attention to them.  Is there a place I can set the margins for autoprint?

I set the ini file to .3 for the four print margin settings.  I looked at the ini file after I printed through the normal process (selecting the print button on the form that pops up).  The settings stayed after a normal print (and the print out had the smaller margins).  I looked at the ini file after I changed the form to hide and turned on autoprint. The settings were back to blank:

print op_marginbottom=
print op_marginleft=
print op_marginright=
print op_margintop=

I think autoprint is setting the margins back to "default" settings.  Is there a workaround for this?

hmm, let me look into this, sure looks like a bug.

Ok found the problem, all printing will now share the same print preview options (margins, etc.); fixed in new beta coming out this weekend.

I assume you will announce once the beta has been tested and is available for download (so I can update)?


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