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How do you set Auto Print options?

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I need to quickly take screenshots from my browser and send them to Fineprint (which captures prints and spools them into one job).

But the prints are too small.  If I don't use auto print, set the dialog to show after capture, and print, then I can reduce the margins, and it prints fine.  But using auto print seems to always use some default settings other than what I set up. 

I would have thought that auto print would use the same margins/settings as what I created for normal printing from the dialog?

let me see if i can fix.

Would it be ok for it to show the print preview dialog that has to be confirmed when print is triggered automatically, instead of sending to the printer instantly?  Would you prefer it not to?

In my opinion, no, because it sort of breaks the idea of auto-printing.....there shouldn't be any user interaction required.  For my particular usage, I need to focus on what I am working on and just press the hot key.  (In my case, I develop web apps and sometimes need to navigate around a UI and take screenshots for reference.  You can imagine how tedious that would be if I had to go to a page, then stop and click a button in SSC, then go back and repeat).

In an ideal situation, there would be a button to set autoprint settings that would be separate from the normal (manual) print dialog.  I could even set a different printer.  For example when using autoprint I might want to take a large series of screenshots to be sent to a PDF creator, but normally just print to my laser printer when doing it manually.

But as a minimal solution, it would be nice just for auto print to use the existing print parameters (esp margins).

Thanks for looking at this ;)

Did you ever get something set for this?


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