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IDEA: Add Commandline Support


Hi Mouser,

what do you think of adding some commandline options to SC? It would be nice to capture sreenshots via a batch file. Nothing to complicated - just something like

--- ---ScreenshotCaptor.exe -f"screenshot1.jpg"

for taking and saving the screenshot. I think this should be really easy to implement and would be very usefull. I think of building an application like "Browsershots (" on a remote Win98 system...

bye bye

it would be very easy to do - the only reason i havent is that i assume there are a lot of good commandline screeenshot capture apps already out there which are much smaller.

really? I have searched via Google about 45 minutes and couldn't find any free commandline screeenshot capture app! I only found some for about 40 $... Maybe Im using the wrong search terms ^^


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