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Need NAS Enclosure recommendation

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(Via WLAN.)-Tuxman (January 14, 2010, 05:55 AM)
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Don't expect to get super high performance enhancements from a new NAS device if you're going to access it over WLAN...
-f0dder (January 14, 2010, 07:44 AM)
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Agreed - I tried two different NAS enclosures in late 2008 over my WLAN and they were ULTRA disappointing. f0dder's a master of understatement here because the speeds I was seeing over G Wireless were slower than USB 1.1, which means that of the 150GB of data that I wanted to write to the drives, only about 500MB had written after about three hours. Of course, I might be exaggerating a bit here - I didn't keep notes - but take it from me, it was slow. Slower than molasses running uphill in January.

I don't expect super-high performance, but one Mbit/s would be fine... now technical issues are not mine.  :(

Just as a matter of interest, (and to better understand what you're trying to achieve), what's the WLAN based devices used for?

ie. Do you want to stream data from the USB HDD to a media player, use it for data backup for your computers, both, etc, etc.

Sharing data in my WLAN.  :D
(Well, actually it was.)

If you have a few WiFi based devices/computers it would probably be better to upgrade the router, (the Netgear WNR3500L I mention above or similar), that way you'll get an all-round higher throughput, assuming of course that you upgrade the WiFi devices to 802.11n also, plus by plugging in the USB HDD, an easy NAS solution.

The difference in price between the Addonics NAS Adapter V2 and the Netgear WNR3500L is ~EU$70, (EU$41 vs EU$110 ex. any shipping and ripoff).  Then your limiting factor will be the 802.11b/g in the rest of the WLAN.

If you only have one WiFi device then perhaps a pair of HomePlug units, (at least the 85Mbps versions), might be suitable to increase throughput between it and the router, (assuming suitable electrical house wiring of course), the price of them has been progressively dropping and the 85Mbps units will be cheaper than the HomePlug AV 200Mbps versions.
Even if the routers USB port is v1.1 you should be able to get at least 1MBps throughput via the HomePlug units.

Of course, for the cost of these adapters, (and a bit of exercise), you could also buy a fair amount of CAT5 cable and get some real speed :D


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