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Need NAS Enclosure recommendation

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Stoic Joker:
I finally got the time to pull the cable for the service department so everybody is now hard wired at 100Mb-Stoic Joker (January 16, 2010, 10:43 AM)
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only 100Mb? If you took the effort required to run cabling, I hope you ran at least cat-5e :)-f0dder (January 16, 2010, 01:29 PM)
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Of course, but the machines came with what the machines came with, and while the backbone is Gigabit the rest of the network doesn't need to be.

How fast does HomePlug go these days? I thought they were up to around 200Mb/s, at least by specification... I wonder how fast you can go, though - probably depends not only on the quality of your power cable wiring, but also how clean voltage is supplied by your power company?
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Building wiring condition/quality can be a factor, but it isn't too critical ... If building power is stable enough to keep the lights from flickering constantly and a the computers running reliably ... It's probably good enough.

Clean power isn't really that much of an issue (beyond the above obvious), as the devices communicate by (basically) creating their own "localized distortions" in the power flow.

About 8 years ago, Intellon the local company that invented powerline networking had an opening for a Network Administrator that I applied for. During the 2nd 4 hour interview I got a complete tour of the facility and was quite impressed with both the people and the pride they put into their product. During the interview, my would be boss mentioned that the bigest (speed) issue they had environmentally was bad grounding...which could easily be fixed with a screw driver. (I did not get the job, but...) I had the opportunity to verify this live when I first deployed the PowerLine connection test at the office. Precisely as I was told (during the interview) reseating/retightening the grounds in the panel cured the speed/stability encountered during the initial setup after which it remained bullet proof for the duration of the test.


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