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Need NAS Enclosure recommendation

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If you want to upgrade your whole router and get access to the USB HDD also, check out the new NetGear WNR3500L.

Open Source firmware, Gigabit wired, 802.11n WLAN and USB port to plug in external storage.

Just had a quick search, they're ~AU$173 - mmmmm, tempting.

With my current USB port (on the router), I reach about 300 KB/s.  ;D
(Via WLAN.)-Tuxman (January 14, 2010, 05:55 AM)
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Naturally, you'll still only get 300kBps transferring by WLAN - it'd be quicker to transfer by flash drive  ;)

Maybe later this year. Right now it would be enough money to spend to make the HDD work fast.  :D

edit: Hmm, I thought WLAN is not that slow these days? (802.11g+)

G+, (if you can get a reliable connection), should be about the same as 100Mb LAN.

But I've found that even with an apparently rock solid 54Mbps link, (at a distance of 700mm), I rarely get more than about 500kBps.

AFAIAC, WLAN speeds are in the same category as statistics - 80% BS  :D

Phew. Now what causes this heavy decreasement?

(Via WLAN.)-Tuxman (January 14, 2010, 05:55 AM)
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Don't expect to get super high performance enhancements from a new NAS device if you're going to access it over WLAN...


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