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Need NAS Enclosure recommendation

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I am tired of reading through reviews trying to decide on a NAS drive enclosure that serves up files via the DLNA protocol. I want an enclosure as opposed to a device which comes with drives. I have the hard drives and want to use them as they are. Has anyone had any experience with a solution that would support 2 or more SATA disks?

How many drives to do you want your NAS to have and what's the price range you are willing to pay. When it comes to NAS units the more features it has the bigger the price and there's a steep incline when it comes to prices on these things. You can go from the $150-200 range to the $1,000-$1,200 range without much effort.

Looking for between 2-4 drives and the only CRITICAL feature is DLNA support so I do not have to run a dedicated DLNA server on a PC system (Tversity).

Carol Haynes: look like they have very nice range of products and are currently waiting for DLNA certification status.

Check out their forums for DLNA commentary about where they are.

I'd guess it depends how quickly you need the device.

the only CRITICAL feature is DLNA support
-Josh (June 24, 2009, 10:03 AM)
--- End quote ---

If you need to be super careful, you might want to start here to get a list of what is currently DLNA certified:

They're currently showing 44 NAS products that hold certification.

AFAIK doesn't cert unloaded NAS enclosures, so you'll need to trust the manufacturer's word for it if you're buying a NAS without any drives installed. (I'd personally not worry too much about certification, but you may feel otherwise.)

Also note: empty NAS boxes aren't usually all that much cheaper than loaded ones. Especially now that the prices of drives are as low as they are. So you might want to think about just how much you'll save vs the potential for hassles down the road.

Luck! :Thmbsup:


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