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DONE: Icon Menu Launcher

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You're welcome.  I'm glad you've found it useful.   :D

Uber cool you sultry wench  :o
hmm, dont ask me what i'm on today

Shortpopup does something similar, just point it at a folder of subfolders/shortcuts/etc and it'll display a nice menu.
I notice it can be a bit laggy though...

Another app similar to ShortPopUp is 7stacks (like ShortPop, also potentially laggy depending on the settings used).  The "Menu" stack type would be the one appropriate for the OP; because 7stacks is designed to be pinned to a taskbar icon, the other stack types appear at the bottom of the screen, but they use the Windows 7 Aero interface.

QTTabBar is a Windows Explorer enhancer, but more than just adding tabs for a better folders management, it also integrates a lot of useful features like what was described in the first post (upon mouse-hover it not only previews the contents of a folder but also acts as a "mini-explorer" because it also travels deeper within subfolders. instant shortcut). There is little lag to no lag when I use this, except only when I have too many tabs open (is 20 too many?  :D) and I guess its quickness also depends on what the contents of folders (i find that video folders are rather slow). the only limitation is that  it doen't show files, only folders. and the hovering effect is only applicable to icons/folders where QTTabBar is present (meaning, no desktop support). but it's possible if you open the desktop folder in explorer (then again, why would you open your desktop folder in explorer? :huh:)


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