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DONE: Icon Menu Launcher

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Clicking the desktop icon (.exe) to open menu from it's place. just a simple application for cluttered desktop.


by making the .ahk available, users can change the desired icon to use and the application list. it doesn't have to be a tray application or a service whose always on. Its a stand-alone apps. This is my request.  :-[

Consider this AutoHotkey code:

--- ---Menu, Launch_Menu, Add, Assassin's Creed, Launch_Menu_Handler
Menu, Launch_Menu, Add, Grid Racing     , Launch_Menu_Handler
Menu, Launch_Menu, Add, Deadspace       , Launch_Menu_Handler
Menu, Launch_Menu, Add, Silent Hill     , Launch_Menu_Handler

Menu, Launch_Menu, Show

    If ( A_ThisMenuItem = "Assassin's Creed" )
        Run, c:\path\to\assassin's creed\game.exe
    Else If ( A_ThisMenuItem = "Grid Racing" )
        Run, c:\path\to\grid racing\game.exe
    Else If ( A_ThisMenuItem = "Deadspace" )
        Run, c:\path\to\deadspace\game.exe
    Else If ( A_ThisMenuItem = "Silent Hill" )
        Run, c:\path\to\slient hill\game.exe
Obviously, change the paths to suit your games/system.

Microsoft used to have a Powertoy for Win98 called Folder Contents that displayed the contents of a folder in the right-click context menu but I looked around & it doesn't seem to work on XP :(

 :up: Sweet!!! Just as I requested!!!! Thanks you so much!!!!! This is my first request that is solved!!  :)

Wanted to say that I started using skwire's AHK script a couple of months ago and the simplicity and ease is just too good and really like the idea of ExitApp

Thanx :)


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