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hamNotes (A FARR2 Plugin by hamradio)

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Not at the moment and I do not know if it is possible or not maybe mouser can tell me if it is possible to make keyboard shortcuts for them.

I've seen this plugin listed for awhile, but just got around to trying it today - awesome!   :Thmbsup:

When I'm teaching various workshops and need to keep a running list of questions/suggestions/bugs, this will be tremendously handy!

I was looking for a way to edit an existing note though (I can see needing to do that frequently), w/o having to choose edit from the context menu.  Is that possible?  Is there another switch that I'm missing?


when listing notes you can right click on one and choose modify.

I have FARR 2.80.02 installed and I'm using the latest version of hamNotes.  When I do hnote /k then try to scroll the list of keywords, I get an EAccessViolation error and FARR shuts down.

jpprater, without scrolling, if you just select an item on the displayed list, do you still get the error?


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