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hamNotes (A FARR2 Plugin by hamradio)

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Thank you! Some more useful tips...Right click on a result of the search for a context menu and also notice the farr2 status bar icons.  You can also press enter to view a note within farr2 and see more statusbar icons too. They have useful features. :)

this is a fantastic tool! i'm putting up a screenshot of what hamradio said one post above. this plugin also works well in portable mode, making it a very handy note-taker on the thumb-drive. definitely worth upgrading Farr for this. :)

Please don't forget to send hamradio (and all of the other coders on the site!) some donationcredits to say thank you if you appreciate their work!
Just click on the little gold coin under their name to do so.

One realllly nice feature of hamnotes is:

The note file is XML.
That is important because it means you can easily import your notes into another program, or export from another program into hamnotes, index your notes with a desktop search tool, or do large scale search+replace in a text editor.

Now that's a great plugin... :Thmbsup:


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