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The problem I have with AXEM tho is that it it works great for stopping & starting scripts but has some very erratic behaviour when it comes to stuff it does automatically.
Running the Startup scripts has always been troublesome 4 me - and sometimes it closes all running scripts when you don't expect.
I fiddled with it for about 3 months now - I cudn't give up becos the idea is just 2 useful. :-*
Eventually I accepted the problem is not with the coding but with the structure of AHK itself.
-r0bertdenir0 (June 18, 2009, 06:42 AM)
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same here - problems with Axem not keeping scripts open, in particular after hibernation but possibly at other times too.
Would be good to see something new along the same lines :up:

[edit] re the donating - I think programmes often link to the relevant dc thread where people can see the donate buttons. Otherwise I think mouser right: to ask for donations for yourself, or not at all [/edit]


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