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I'm creating a script manager for Autohotkey scripts.
Basically it manages a folder of scripts & sits in the system tray allowing you to start & stop scripts at will.
If the script has descriptive info, it'll show a short description of what the does.
It'll also save a history of running scripts & start them automatically the next time you log on.

A future release will probably allow you to manage C# scripts, but the AHK manager is working great.
I've written this in C# & it has been intentionally written so that the source files can be run via cs-script & modified by anyone to suit their needs.

Can I donate this software to this site & add the DonationCoder link to an About box & if any donations come in it would go to this site?

I'm not qualified to speak about the donation bit, but what you've done sounds like a nice idea!

That is such a nice thing to offer.

Some thoughts:
Regarding the tool, it's a fantastic idea, but see this idea on DC here about a very similar script idea called Axem, implemented by DC member Justice :
Still it's a good enough idea to be worthy of multiple implementations.

Now about the donating and "branding", here's how i think of it:

When a coder who hangs out on DC makes a cool program and shares it with the public, it benefits this site.  People learn about the site through such things, and decide to become active members, or donate to the site after discovering it, or write about the program which leads people back to the site, etc.

In other words, from my perspective i don't think there is any reason for anyone to go so far as formally giving their code to DC or asking that people donate to DC directly for their software.  It's just as helpful to the site if you make DC your home away from home -- and either don't worry about donations, or ask for people to donate directly to you if they appreciate your work.

When good active people are part of the DC family, we all benefit (and it leads to more people discovering us and donating).

In fact, I think if individual authors asked people to donate to DC instead of to them -- it gives a misleadingly low impression of that programmer's contribution to the site, because even though someone might not be compelled to donate purely for 1 particular program, it's the totality of the site that may inspire people to donate -- and so ever little piece makes a difference.

In short:
We're thrilled to have you as part of the site and making it a funner place to hang out by sharing your stuff.  A link to DC forum from your software/readme would be great so that people who like your software stop by here to discuss it.  Other than that, just have fun and make yourself at home.

Oh and keep your eye open for things like the NANY (New Apps for the New Year) event we have here - since it's great to have more people participating in that.  :up:

Thanks mouser, I'll take yr advice & just put it up on this site with no specific constraints about donating.
I know about AXEM - it was actually the inspiration for this project & I was gonna give credit to the author justice when I posted.
The problem I have with AXEM tho is that it it works great for stopping & starting scripts but has some very erratic behaviour when it comes to stuff it does automatically.
Running the Startup scripts has always been troublesome 4 me - and sometimes it closes all running scripts when you don't expect.
I fiddled with it for about 3 months now - I cudn't give up becos the idea is just 2 useful. :-*
Eventually I accepted the problem is not with the coding but with the structure of AHK itself.
I luv AHK & have several scripts running consistently - but it just plain sucks when it comes to programming a GUI.
The language is not designed for GUI programming & following a GUI program's logic & event handling is not at all intuitive.
Buttons & Textboxes are easy, but a complex control like a listview forces you 2 write some crazy code.

I put off doing this in anything but AHK cos I wanted a scripted not compiled program.
But now with cs-script I can have the best of scripting & a powerful GUI-aware OO language :D

I luv AHK & have several scripts running consistently - but it just plain sucks when it comes to programming a GUI.
-r0bertdenir0 (June 18, 2009, 06:42 AM)
--- End quote ---

I admit I don't know what it takes to make a GUI in AHK, but Skwire's Trout is a great example of the good GUI capabilities of AHK.

I didn't know AHK could do GUIs until I gave Trout a try.


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