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fully free software utilities for biz use - discussion

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Thanks hamradio and 40hz for explaining my point...  :)
-PhilB66 (June 19, 2009, 07:06 PM)
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No hay de qué! :Thmbsup:

BB FlashBack Express - screen recording
  free, but you have to register within 30 days.
SIW - system information
  free for non-commercial use, $$$ for biz use :(
Although not free for biz use, I thought I'd mention it anyway: SIW is best of breed from my experience "everything you ever wanted to know...". Its "Secrets" tab has saved my butt on several occasions when I needed to retrieve a forgotten (but hidden) email server account:password combination.

Scan2PDF with install & portable version. Donation compulsory for commercial use
5. License of the software
All freeware programs are free for personal use only, in other case you have to donate an amount of your choice.
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I'm not very familiar with this type of software, but I have used this one -
it's not high tech but you can easily make a multi-page PDF from scans and/or image files

not sure do you want to venture into word-processors -
because it's light and portable & I just checked the lisence I'll throw in Jarte into the mix
LICENSE GRANT. Carolina Road Software, L.L.C. grants you a license to use this SOFTWARE on any hardware product. "You" means the company, institution, entity or individual installing or using the SOFTWARE.
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inspired by this thread I'm spring cleaning my portable software folder . .

memuse show memory in use and available memory. Also virtual memory (page file, I think)
It only works up to XP, seems to be okay for commercial - there may well be something better - I came across it at one stage when I was worried that some of my memory wasnt being used

Osiva viewer, again seems to be okay for commercial use
Osiva is free as in "free beer". If you want one free as in "free speech" send me an email.
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whatever that means ;)
Resize - 2005 - but very neat image resizer. Portable. Donationware, no restrictions
ToDoList ( seems to be 'free'
Everything on this site is free, the only proviso being that if you use bits of the code, you may not say that you wrote them yourself . . -
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Drive Manager
If you have lots of drive letters of different types of drives, such as mapped network drives, thumb drive (USB memory sticks), smart media and compact flash, CD-ROM and DVD then this utility is perfect to help you manage them
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Just says Freeware


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