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fully free software utilities for biz use - discussion

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Stoic Joker:
For a small footprint & completely portable file search check out X-Find from Xteq. I use it for (all sorts of thing but mainly) searching server logs (that can be upwards of 1GB) for a specific entry or event and finding which .inc & .lib files have API X in them (They're not always documented that well).

It's ideal for field work where installing a typical desktop search app on a clients server is ill advised.

For a small footprint & completely portable file search check out X-Find from Xteq.-Stoic Joker (June 19, 2009, 06:09 AM)
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Writes settings to the registry at:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Xteq Systems\X-Find\1.0
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Xteq Systems\X-Find

Great thread idea.  I know there are MANY out there in the freeware/Open Source world, but a couple that I use that can be very usable to end users are (in no particular order):

* ScreenshotCaptor from right here at DC (though the end user must register here and download the key themselves - hope to bring in more DC'ers that way - before I will install it for them). It is nice because it can be set up to use without installation, but I don't tell the users that or they might try it without us tracking where it is - not that it is THAT BAD, but the company really feels the need to know ALL software on the PC's.
* BGInfo - a great little utility from Systernals.
* CD Burner XP - already mentioned, so I won't continue.
* BIRT - An Open source BI software package not unlike Cognos Impromptu or Crystal Reports (though admittedly not quite as easy as Crystal Reports is)
* IE New Window Maximizer - Just like it says, automatically maximizes IE windows.
* PuTTY - Already mentioned, so I won't continue.
* JKDefrag - It is licensed under GNU public license and is also portable.
* TaskbarShuffle - Rearrange your taskbar buttons!
* FolderSize - Figure out how big your folders are in explorer. From Source Forge.
* SpaceMonger v1.4 - Similar to a visual version of FolderSize (well at the root level anyway).  Version 1.4 is still available from the archive area of the web site.  Version 2.x is commercial, and is $20-$25 (US currency) per seat.  While it is definitely worth supporting, that seems a little steep for what amounts to a visual disk sizer type niche product.  That said, I have yet to try version 2  :-[.  Awaiting response from vendor to verify it is free for business use
* Other obvious ones - software like Acrobat reader, flash, etc...  Okay, these probably shouldn't be here because they are so obvious, but since I was going through a quick inventory of business friendly freeware.... ;)
Whew, that was a lot more than I expected.  Hope that helps...

Steven Avery:
Hi Folks,

Thanks, good refs.

# BGInfo  
# CD Burner XP  
# JKDefrag

And X-Find.

Added above with others in their categories. And yes, there are some cases where the "last freeware version" can be excellent here.  And I see that SpaceMonger 2.x has some network functions, so let us know about the 1.4 license when the reply comes.

I'm gonna check my notes on Auslogics "last freeware version" of their very pleasant defragger, and maybe skim down that excellent LFV site.  However in most cases we would have to find out the situation by research, reading the license with the install and/or writing the author (as with SpaceMonger).  Keep in mind that they really are likely bound by the license included with the software install although as a courtesy we would tend to defer to whatever is their current expressed view (they own the software, they could go to the effort to change the license).  Also in general we will favor current version, so an LFV alternative will have to have some real strong points.

And I'm already rethinking some of my daily usage, ready to pick up some of these programs that I have not been using.

Steven Avery

<snip />
-Steven Avery (June 17, 2009, 07:33 AM)
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Nice list... but no love for DC apps in there?


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