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fully free software utilities for biz use - discussion

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You'll have to winnow these 2 lists as some freeware may not be free for business use, but there must be some in here.  The emphasis is on freeware that works on the particular OS, so there's quite a bit of overlap:

Steven Avery:
Hi Folks,

Fully free and excellent are the Piriform products.  In a biz environment CCleaner could be on every puter (it would be nice to disable the registry cleaner though if you are letting others use the program).  Defraggler I like (main issue for me in biz might be whether the super big PST files would ever be done without an overnight run and how to handle that).  Recuva is also available, although you might only install it "on demand". Although it might be handy to have it at the ready installed.

I'll add CCleaner  and Defraggler at time laters on the top post :-).  At this time they are category leaders for fully freeware.

From their forums.
"Yes ccleaner is free for both home and commercial use"

And you remember to untick the tool bar on install.  No trickery involved, simple to do and see.

JavaRa and PureRa added above, Q-Dir moved to top part of post.


TED Notepad - excellent Notepad-replacement editor with vast number of features
NoteTab Light - good tabbed interface multi-file editor with "clipbook" support, useful for boilerplate text, etc.

Steven Avery:
Hi Folks,

Thanks, rjbull and 40hz, I'll plan on adding a notepad and remote access section to the top post later.

Cobian Backup
"The program is freeware even for commercial use." - Luis Cobian in webforum

There probably will end up being three to five in the backup section that qualify, also the cloud backup possibility comes to play.

Added above, also the open source FileZilla added, there may be a couple of other fully free excellent FTP clients. Also Everything and Locate32 and Stickies and Smart Defrag and Revo Uninstaller and Keynote-NF added.

ZSoft Uninstaller not available in this way.
"I'm bound to the license agreement of Delphi 6 Personal which says that I can't use it for commercial purposes. I don't really know if that means that I can't allow others to use what I create commercially either, but to be on the safe side, I'm not going to..."

Personally to me it does not sound like allowing businesses to use the product is a commercial purpose for the developer, however the decision is his to make.


If you need a free accounting package, look no further than to the folks over at Microsoft.
(Yes, I know. Try not to faint!  ;D)

Microsoft has a very capable small business accounting package called Microsoft® Office Accounting Express which is offered as a free download. ( )

I was a little skeptical when I heard about this. I was wondering if it was extremely crippled like Intuit's Simple Start Free Edition of Quickbooks is. Much to my surprise, it wasn't. The Professional edition of Office Accounting does pack many additional features. But they're nothing that most small businesses would need.

Product version comparison link:

For once, I'm amazed at just how much $0 can get you from Microsoft.



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