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fully free software utilities for biz use - discussion

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Steven Avery:
Hi Folks,

These two are definitely biz utility related.

WinDirStat (thanks Lashiec for the emphasis)
"WinDirStat is free software published under the GNU General Public License."

Free Disk Usage Analyzer
"We are so confident that you will love our products, we hope that you will buy the full Extensions package sooner or later, or simply get more use out of Windows and be more happy using it. So enjoy some our individual Extensions absolutely free."

These are two very fine disk space analyzers that seem to be fully freeware, this is a field were there may be some other goodies.


Extensoft has a couple of individual freeware products, so far that sounds like biz usage ok.
    * Video Converter
    * Screen Capturer
    * Disk Analyzer
    * Extended Task Manager

Video Converter is a specialty app, Screen Capturer I will add to the list above, and Extended Task Manager similarly I will mention above next to DTaskManager.


Tomos, thanks, I've been wondering about this for awhile, so today I figgered we could hash some of this out here.


I'd like to put in a a good word for PuTTY. (

PuTTY is a very capable SSH/Telnet/Rlogin client for machines running under NIX or Win32.

If you're responsible for IT support, sometimes the only way to access a balky networked device is through the old (but very capable) SSH/Telnet protocol.

If the above screenshot means anything to you, you'll probably want to get a copy of this great app. PuTTY is free for personal and commercial use.

There is also a no-install portable version available for Windows users. Keep a copy handy on a USB key for those times when you're in a hurry; only have a low bandwidth connection; or some network device's GUI refuses to respond. Highly Recommended! :up: :up:

Portable PuTTY info & download link:

Cool Tool!  8)

@Steve-  Question: how are we defining "super inexpensive" in this thread?

Should it be by absolute dollars, or as a compared to competing products?

There are some excellent business and technical apps that aren't what many people would call cheap in the absolute sense. Many of them fall in the $50-$200 range. But they're often hundreds, and occasionally, thousands of dollars less than competing products. So in a relative sense they are. (Kinda like getting a Ferrari for the price of a Mini Cooper.)

I'm guessing these should be saved for a separate thread?


Steven Avery:
Hi Folks,

Naah.. share away on this thread.  We can congeal lists laters if we want.  Let cut-and-paste and a new HTML endeavor be our friend.  The idea here is mostly to assist anybody who has to think about working on 5-10-25 or more PCs. An emphasis on full-freebies but not to exclusion.

btw,  I am learning recently how some PC folks are simply very appreciative when you help clean up and check and give some new tools .. while others holla thru the roof !

Super-bargains go well with super-inexpensive, if there is some super-tool that costs $300 or more and helps for the whole group we might as well share it here, if it is gonna save multi-hours of time and make help good decisions.  I have been pretty surprised about the strength of some network tools, like ManageEngine Desktop Central which seems to be free for up to 10 PCs.  (It works on larger networks but you pick 10 to analyze .. something like that.) Then there are tools like LanSweeper and all these inventory tools.  NirSoft has one NetResView which is neat, shows all the permissions and such.

Throughout though we can also keep an eye on determining which utilities are really free free free, category by category .. e.g. if I was gonna put a fully-free startup program on 15 puters, what is available ?  Dunno, have to check.  That is good stuff to know, a real peace-of-mind when you know no boundaries are stretccchhed.


Steven Avery:
Hi Folks,

Programs: Freeware for Commercial Use - Genadij Trimailov

7-Zip (file compression utility)
Audacity (sound editor)
AVS DVD Player (dvd player)
CamStudio (screen recorder)
CD Burner XP Pro (cd/dvd burning utility)
ClCl (multiple clipboard management)
Comodo Firewall (firewall)
FreeLauchBar (quick launch replacement)
fSekrit (text encryption in a small exe file) >>
ImgBurn (iso image burning utility)
K-Lite Codec Pack(pack of video codecs)
Media Player Classic (a part of K-Lite Codec Pack)
Notepad++ (notepad replacement)
Paint .NET (image editor) Get Paint.NET!
Screenshot Pilot (screen capture utility)
SlowView (image viewer)
Traffic Meter (monitor the amount of traffic) >>
True Crypt (virtual encrypted hard drive)
UltraVNC (remote desktop control utility)
Virtual Clone Drive (virtual cd/dvd drive)

ImgBurn and CD Burner XP Pro are good to know. ClCl needs a spin, also SlowView (image viewer). Those are the ones that fit more into a general utility package, although the whole list is helpful.

Steven Avery


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