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Need to d'load unavailable soft - but where is safe?

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Sorry Tomos :( I should have done a little more research, I was being rushed out the door when I posted that.

Carol Haynes:
Or eBay in the UK

If you want to bid on this and are not in the UK you can get it shipped to my address if you like and I will forward it to you if you pay the postage (if you don't need the book I can just post the CDs). You will need to ask the seller to allow you to bid because eBay will probably reject non-UK bidders since there isn't an international shipping option.

At least in this auction it has both CDs included.

problem resolved - someone got me a copy of it - thanks :-*
thanks all for help :Thmbsup:

Glad to hear you got it resolved tomos :)

Or eBay in the UK
-Carol Haynes (June 18, 2009, 04:00 AM)
--- End quote ---
hi Carol
thanks for that offer too - as you can see above I'm now happily sorted.

I was suprised to see it's still selling for up to 290 euros here in germany (mainly the german version which is probably rarer than the english version - I see german language versions of New adobe products are quite a bit more expensive than eng.versions)
But then it's still a very capable programme and for my uses I never needed to update . .


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