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which simple tool to use to add watermarks to own images

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which simple tool could you recommend to add watermarks to own images?

When I had a need for this I opted to go with a paid solution. I purchased Bytescout Watermarking PRO. I am very happy with my purchase and do recommend it if you choose to go with a paid product.

Fineprint will add a watermark to any print job (plus does a lot of other stuff).  Not free but worth the money.

I use and recommend imagemagick  :Thmbsup:

thanks for the info

Imagemick looks a little bit complicated to me. seems to be a commandline only utility?

Bytescout Watermarking PRO and Fineprint are unfortunatly not free  :(

It doesn't have to be a really powerful program, just a program where I could add a watermark to a group of images with a batch command.


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