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SoftMaker Office: Full version (with free Partition Manager) -> 75% off


At least in Germany, you can currently get SoftMaker Office Standard or Professional for less than 23 €, including a free copy of the Paragon Partition Manager. Not sure about other countries though. Try it.

^ if that link didnt work:
more info here:

Owners of 2012 should have gotten an email with upgrade price of 20 euros which prices includes vat/sales-tax -- no idea what the US$ offer is.
I guess it's okay (?) to post the code for the upgrade offer:
-tomos (March 27, 2017, 05:36 AM)
--- End quote ---

Also working: f12to16 (probably the "FreeOffice" f).

I have purchased  a few times from Softmaker.  I use their Office product on several of my PC's [I had the opportunity to buy "One Copy" of MS Office through my employer for like $9.99, but it was only a limit of ONE. Plus, it could only be ONE license; for either a WIN or MAC. I could not buy one of each]  So I used the MS Office on my faster, most used PC and Softmaker's office product on my other PCs]

Their mailing list is one of the better ones to be on.  From time to time they offer some pretty good discounts on their products.

I haven't conducted any extensive, side-by-side, feature comparison between softmaker office and ms office, but for my basic uses, Software office has been a good product.


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