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FARR Plugin: TinyEV (Everything integration) - 0.9.5 - 12 June 2009 (updated)

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I'm having a weird problem with this plugin. Everything is running and it is searching OK. However, it's searching for "ev" in addition to whatever word I type. If I type ev test I get a status bar that reads Everything: 14 results for 'ev test'. Then my results include items like test_eventhub.js which have the string 'ev' in them. What did I do wrong?

Never mind, updated FARR and it fixed it.

Hi all:

Can someone tell me how Can I use regular expression with TinyEV?

I tried to search with regexp using -r   :
ev -r Win.*

and I have no results.

Please Help.

Thans a lot

I looking for this feature : configure the maximum result returns by "Everything" in the tinyev.ini;
Any idea how to do it ?

that's really a great plugin, I tried and wow! thanks!

Just a note: I had similar problems with FARR+TinyEV finding Everything under Vista, I've made them go away by launching FARR with Admin rights and, to avoid the UAC prompt, have used the same trick to start FARR that is used to start Everything, via Task Scheduler. (What? Test it? Look, unnecessary restarts are a pain in the neck and I'll only forget to come back and explain what I did. I'll  come back and delete this post only if it fails. Which it won't.)

Thanks to everyone who made this work so I could come along and pretend I did something clever.  :)


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