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FARR Plugin: TinyEV (Everything integration) - 0.9.5 - 12 June 2009 (updated)

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I dont know why but I cant seem to get folders to display in the search results... results are always different from doing the search within everything.

I do a search for, say "lead" and it says "37 results". I can go down and select the first displayed (9), but I cant seem to page down into the rest, like I can with a normal FARR search?

All the best!


As I´m not a coder please be patient with my post:
It runs perfectly on my machine. Installation was easy, following the instructions.  :-* I observed the following behavior: When I query the Everything plugin with "accented" letters in the search window, It won´t return matches, while everything´s original interface shows them. I find this interesting, there might be probably a hand-over problem or a codepage issue? Here are two screenshots: The first is untder FARR 2.7, the second is after an update to FARR 2.8. I have downloaded the TinyEV Plugin about a week ago.

Your problem is related to the fact that FARR is not unicode-capable.

welcome to the site mathiasree,

you explained the problem very well.  unforunately as skwiere yes, one of FARR's weaknesses is that it does not handle the extended diacritical values well.. though i wonder if there isnt some option in Everything or tinyev that could make it work properly, since obviously you are able to type it into the farr search edit box..


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