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FARR Plugin: TinyEV (Everything integration) - 0.9.5 - 12 June 2009 (updated)

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Thanks for the report Iain  :up:

When running a search query in 'everything' which results in more than 50 results, and then running the same exact search query in FARR+TinyEV with "ev " in front of it, gives the same outcome except for the amount of search results always being limited to a maximum of 50 results. This in itself is a problem, because I need all matching results, not just the 50 'best' results.

Though the real problem I'm having right now with this limitation is this: When I use the "content:" query feature of 'everything' in FARR+TinyEV to search through file contents, it always returns 0 results, when 'everything' actually does find results for this exact search query (without "ev " in the query of course). I did some trial and error on this in FARR+TinyEV and found that when I keep on artificially adding extra search terms before I write the "content:" keyword, such that the total amount of search results gets reduced to 49 or less, first, and then I append the extra 'content:"<searchword(s)>"', then I get all the same results in FARR+TinyEV as I get in 'everything'.

In reality of course I don't know which files contain the contents I'm looking for, so I have no way of reducing the search results to below 50 first to make the 'content:' search query work properly. Except of course if one would search through all files in batches of 50 files, but let's not call that a solution. I also tried changing the TinyEV parameters in its .ini file to all allowed values, but to no avail. Same with pretty much every setting I tried changing in FARR, but the search results just keep on getting capped to a maximum of 50 results, which I believe is the source of the issue of the "content:" keyword not returning any results when there should be matches.

Could anyone think of a solution, a workaround or an alternative to this ?
The original creator also posted his Source code.. maybe it could be as 'easy' as changing that value to a very high number and recompiling ?

Great help received from the creator of the plugin akx about the issue!

The GIT project was updated now with a msvc_compile.bat file which allowed me to successfully build the .dll with the MSVC Command Line. Couldn't get passed the "IPC Service not running" status-line error in FARR, when compiling with Visual Studio before..
And this line can be adjusted to allow for more search results to get passed through from Everything to FARR TinyEV.
Already a great leap forward, though TinyEV still returns "No results" after a couple of seconds when Everything actually has to work on the querry for a lot longer.. Hopefully another update to come to also allow for long/slow content searches to get passed through to FARR TinyEV. :Thmbsup:

FARR Plugin: TinyEV (Everything integration) - 0.9.5 - 12 June 2009 (updated)Hello all:
Why the FARR Plugin: TinyEV (Everything integration), does not work properly, I compare TinyEV and Everything search, and the results were very different :
I used regex.

Tynyev : 9 items found
Everething : 31 items found

I think this plugin is abandoned, nobody is updating this plugin, so I recommend not use it,  because it gives wrong results.


Tynyev : 9 items found
Everething : 31 items found
-tony01 (February 20, 2022, 12:52 PM)
--- End quote ---

In your screenshot, FARR says it has found 31 results (in the status bar at the bottom). Have you tried hitting PageDown to see the rest of the results, and are they the same? FARR only shows the first 9 results of anything, generally. This can be changed in Options→Settings→Display Options→Result Display Size. I wonder if there's a way to get TinyEV to automatically switch to "Extended results list" without pressing pagedown?

I use TinyEV all the time, many times each day, and it has always worked great.



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