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FARR Plugin: TinyEV (Everything integration) - 0.9.5 - 12 June 2009 (updated)

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okay, here's the method to run any program that usually requires UAC activation at startup.

to make Everything work with this method you also require the "-startup" switch in the path for Everything.

(does that make any kind of sense?)

heheh. it's nice that it does tell you that something is wrong.

looks like i'll just have to keep Everything and FARR separate. not a real problem i must say.

Maybe this could help you with making Everything work with its usual startup procedure and still run privileged?

akx, as you can see from Nudone's status bar, it says the IPC service is not running.. do you think the problem is something as simple as TinyEv not knowing how to detect it in this case, or a bigger problem in that there is no way to communicate with it when launched in that way.

Actually, that particular message only appears when TinyEv can't send the query message to the Everything IPC window. I'm not exactly sure why that would happen, though. I'll try and investigate...

thanks, i'll also try the Selectively disable UAC for your trusted Vista applications later. got to go out now.


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