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FARR Plugin: TinyEV (Everything integration) - 0.9.5 - 12 June 2009 (updated)

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Heya. I wrote a little (literally) FARR plugin for Voidtools' Everything content search engine, since the other one was somewhat sluggish and large. This one, on the other hand, seems to be quite snappy and small (less than 16 KiB! :D), hence the name.

However, it doesn't come with a built-in settings dialog (oh no!), so if you want to change the only currently available setting, the scoring mode, you'll have to hand-edit an .ini file. I'm sure you'll cope. :) Also, this does not require the es.exe shell; just a running Everything instance.

Any comments, bug reports and suggestions are welcome, however I may be off on vacation for a week or so.

Download here:

OLD LINKS NO LONGER WORKING: (18 283 bytes) SHA1: 95a9126765a18fd64a7a3325c2fe6eb4d60ded4a (18 234 bytes) SHA1: 8e95113b32f008b53c9cffca9aa94f1694ed1f38

0.9.5: Added regexp support.

How to install:
  Copy the folder enclosed in the ZIP file into your FARR Plugins directory, and instruct FARR to rescan plugins (Options -> Plugins and Updates -> Click To Examine And Configure Plugins -> Find and Reload All Plugins).
  I recommend disabling the other Everything plugin in case you have it installed.

Tips and tricks:
  Prefix your search with a dollar sign to use regular expression search.

i'm late to the party on this one. i didn't realise there was a FARR plugin for everything (fantastic idea, akx).

just wondering if i'm doing something wrong...

i use Everything under Vista with UAC turned on, which requires the run as a service trick to get Everything to load at startup.

here's a screengrab of what i mean:

as you can see, if i type "ev..." i don't actually get a list of results matching the search term. (there are several "new folders" on my drive.)

do i need to configure the plugin somehow.

anyone have an idea?

Everything is constantly running on my machine by the way, but it looks like the FARR plugin can't see it.

you need to make sure Everything is running.. if it is, then the problem may be that you are running it as a service.  maybe tell akx where he can learn about this service trick.

right, must the service thing then.

i'll dig out the method it requires and post back.

Oh dear. If Everything is running as a service, there might be an issue with the privilege and desktop separation in UAC, Vista and services.
I personally have Vista with UAC disabled, so I can't exactly help, other than making sure that the desktop the Everything service is running as is an interactive desktop.

However -- don't you like how TinyEv informs you that something's wrong? :P That was mouser's idea, actually. :)


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