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MP3 Info Extension?

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Andy, I understand what you're saying and that you're trying to be helpful, but all I'm hearing is "blah blah blah...quit being lazy!"  ;D

No, seriously, that's a good idea & once I set that up in Total Commander I'll be sorted. I'll just miss the icons, though. There was one alternate theme (definitely NOT the default) that had absolutely gorgeous icons for all the different bit-rates.

Hopefully, one day someone will adapt that differing icon ability to Vista/Win7.

Yes, Vista does have the option to list the bitrate in the folder, but I find that for some reason its doesn't post the correct bitrate all the time.

A file may show in Vista as 320 kbbs...   but when I look at in  Tag and Rename it shows something like VBR 249 or something.


Mirage84, sounds like Vista has trouble with some variable bit-rate files. Hopefully, that's fixed in Win7.

It's only some VBR files right? Is there any pattern to which files work and which don't?

Here's a screenshot of Windows 7 displaying some files I ripped using LAME 3.97 (or maybe 3.98, IIRC) using "preset extreme"...
MP3 Info Extension?

Actually, I think it is all the VBR files.....  CBR check out fine.



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