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Recreate files but without content to target drive

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I found a file displayed in Windows Explorer as "Rubйn Gonzбlez"  that is also skipped by zero zipper in the  "Rubйn Gonzбlez" should be "Rubén González" and when I correct the misspelling in Windows Explorer Zero Zipper includes it in the with no problems.

Try this build, please:  Zero Zipper v1.0.5.6

This one should have basic Unicode support.

Thank you everything works great now!  I dropped 10 bucks in your tip jar at paypal.

Thank you everything works great now!  I dropped 10 bucks in your tip jar at paypal.-lastgasp (February 29, 2012, 05:39 PM)
--- End quote ---

Great to hear everything is working as requested.  Thanks very much for the donation.  I'll promote this build to v1.0.6 and release it.   :D

Hi, people!
Optionally it could preserve original system attributes, too.
Is it possible to have a tick box to NOT preserve system/timestamps? (separately...)
One last thing would be having no zip at all, just the cloned directories and files at target location. Haven't tested thoroughly yet but: can target be a subfolder of source and still there will be no overlap? (initial tests say it's ok, but the real thin would be with no zip creation, I think)

EDIT: yes, it would be nice to have a companion txt report on target folder/along with zip file or flat clone for comparison with previous snapshots, like Brycestro said.


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