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Good TV series. What do you watch? I used to watch Lost to unwind need successor

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Hello all,

we usually get tv shows later in Germany, so one of my favorites is LIFE (already cancelled), NCIS (alltime favorite), Torchwood from GB. I love Medium, as they show a household and life with children as it is and not as sterile and clean as everywhere else. Still not enough stuff in the hallway.
Criminal Minds is great, so is Bones and Mentalist is nice to see.
CI5 - The Professionals was a great show from the 70ies, so I very much enjoy (british) Life on Mars. Brings back memories.
Best ever - and regularly re-seen: Buffy, Firefly, Angel. Joss can't do anything wrong except choosing the wrong networks.
If you wonder: I have three children. Any show with more than 45 minutes would be interrupted way to often to enjoy it. So it's tv shows for me.

Thomas from Berlin, Germany
-TomD101 (June 30, 2009, 07:10 AM)
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NBC, exhibiting its' recent tendency for random brain farts, failed to make a deal to renew Medium for next season. CBS cheerfully snatched the show up, so viewers will be watching on a different network this Fall.

The Mentalist is charming, full of likable folks, even if the writing is a little formulaic, IMHO. Another interesting show is Lie To Me.

I'm in the middle of a Dexter marathon right now. Haven't watched Dexter before but it is definitely watchable.

Other shows I have made an effort to see is Numb3rs and Boston Legal. A few years ago I saw some seasons of the White House and Sopranos.

I love Torchwood and BBC America is starting a 5 night miniseries of it on July 20th.  Don't know if you need to watch previous episodes to be up for the miniseries.

I also love MI-5 from GB (Spooks). Great spy drama.

if you don't mind crude humour, there is Kröd Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire with Sean Maguire in the titular role. :D

I'm in the middle of a Dexter marathon right now. Haven't watched Dexter before but it is definitely watchable.-Bonuskort
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Dexter is fabulous & every time you think it's gotten just about as weird as it can & can't get any more complicated for does. :D


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